Outer Space

Star Samurai

The Star Samurai costumes come in standard colors that resemble the classic Jedi and Sith costumes from a certain space opera saga:

Traditional costume set includes undertunic, overtunic, tabbards (the shoulder armor), obi (the wide cloth belt), and hooded robe. The robe can be ordered in either the traditional long sleeved version or a new sleeveless version (which makes the costume much easier to wear in hotter environments like Mustafar, Tattooine or your average Sci-Fi Convention Hall). These are unlined (and trust me, at a con, they’re warm enough unlined.)  I have all black, a mix of browns, and gray. Minimal alterations (such as length of the hooded robe) can be made to standard costume. Shoulder to ankle measurement is required or in the very least, height. Robe and outfit are available separately.

The tunics, tabbards and obi are made from a very versatile broadcloth. The robe is made from a high quality washable butter suede.

Here are some examples.

Episode 4 Obi Wan

Gray Jedi

Clone Wars Anakin

The price for the basic costume is $250 shipped. Robe or outfit is $125 shipped. Extra postage for orders outside the continental US.

Custom colors and fabrics are available for an additional charge.

Please contact me for commissions.

For coats reminiscent of a certain outer-space western, please see the Coats page.

For other outer space designs, please contact me.

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