Kimono and Samurai Cosplay:
These are for both men and women and includes such elements as hakama, kimono, undershirt, obi, bow, haori, etc. The basic bundled packages are $200 shipped with conditions as stated above. Bundled packages do not include brocade items. These are cosplay items and not authentic Japanese garb but a reasonable fascimile. The bundled packages are as follows:


Undershirt, kimono, hakama, obi, and haori with appropriate cords. The sizes run roughly what has already been listed. The kimono will go to mid calf as opposed to ankle since the hakama outfit is traditionally male attire. Shoulder armor can be substituted for haori and will have the more curved effect rather than the jedi straight shoulder armor.

Bat Samurai – This is a special order. If you look closely at the pattern on the haori, you can see why we call it the Bat Samurai outfit.


Undershirt, kimono, obi or obi and bow, and cording are included. The kimono goes to the ankle and the obi can be either the full length tie-it-yourself job or a two piece obi and drum bow already assembled and ready for wear.

Japanese Cosplay

Haori – $75 Shipped

Hakama – $75 Shipped

Kimono – $100 Shipped

Obi – $50 Shipped

Tabi (white or black, sleek) – $10 shipped a pair

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