Txdot Local On-System Agreement

Voluntary AFAs and Advance Funding Agreements (AFAs) may also apply to out-of-system projects involving FHWA funding. The executed AFA (both types) indicates the party responsible for the implementation of each project development activity and the funding commitments of each party. Standard templates for voluntary AFAs and AFAs are available on the Model Contracts website on the Contract Services Crossroads website. Fixed price. The fixed amount to be paid by the local government is based on the estimated cost of the work to be done. The amount of financing of the fixed price is only adjusted in accordance with TAC 43 15.52 (4) (A) (ii). Description. Project financing agreements are used when companies participate in financing the development of the project with TxDOT or make improvements to the State Highway System (SHS). If it is local public funds, it can be directed towards preparatory work, construction, navigation, moving costs, maintenance or other project costs. Entry permits and Multiple Use Agreements (SSAs) allow local governments to carry out work under the shs right of way, but do not involve funding.

Funding agreements, entry permits and SAAs indicate the body responsible for implementing the various project activities. Available project funding agreements, authorizations and ASAs, as well as their applicability in different situations, are shown on the following graph: for companies that regularly sign voluntary AFA or AFA with TxDOT, the Contract Services division has developed a contractual system allowing the local government to implement the Master Advance Funding Agreement (MAFA) with the department. This MAFA contains all the standard contractual clauses contained in a voluntary AFA or AFA. Once a local government has signed a MAFA, future voluntary AFAs and AFAs will only require the inclusion of project-specific contractual conditions. In these cases, the Contract Services division has developed templates for the Local Advance Project Financing Agreement (LPAFA) for voluntary AFAs and AFAs that can be used in collaboration with MAFA. This removes the revision of the standard conditions applicable to individual project agreements. For local governments that decide not to use the MAFA/LPAFA system, the Contract Services Division offers voluntary AFAs and AFAs. Relevant project types. Projects with local participation….