Sample Hong Kong Employment Agreement

A written employment contract reminds both employers and workers of their obligations, helps avoid possible disputes and clearly defines the rights and benefits of both parties. In order to help employers and workers draw up written employment contracts, the Ministry of Labour has established a standard reference contract. This type of contract is managed by an employment agency or a personnel placement office. The duration of the contract depends on the employer`s request and availability, this type of worker works temporarily. The Agency is solely responsible for ensuring that the rights of staff are protected. Sick leave and other benefits are paid by the employer to the Agency on behalf of the worker. Also known as special occasion contracts, which means that an employee only works if required by the employer. The worker is not obliged to accept work offered to him and the employer is not obliged to make fixed working hours available to the worker. Temporary agency workers are entitled to the same annual leave as permanent employees. In addition, they can also look for a job elsewhere. With each dismissal, it is imperative to respect local laws and review the employment contract in order to avoid any damage.

The sample includes the main demands and protection enjoyed by workers under the EO. To learn more about these claims (z.B. To find out their eligibility criteria), please read the EO or the brochure “A Concise Guide to the Employment Ordinance” of the Ministry of Labour, or visit the following web pages: Before the employer terminates an employee, the employer should check the employment contract, important elements will have to be taken into account, including the contractual notice. Seniority, severance pay, benefits and the application of a collective agreement that would help determine the date and cost of a given employee`s termination. On the other hand, depending on the sector to which we belong, we can also cover the following elements in determining the termination of the employment relationship: with reference to the standard contract of the Ministry of Labour, we can also cover in the employment contract the following elements, in order to protect the interests of both the worker and the employer: employment contract is a contract in which the company hires an employee. .