Humber Hr Collective Agreement

The existing full-time assistance collective agreement does not apply to part-time assistance staff, so a separate collective agreement must be negotiated. Where can I get a copy of the collective agreement? All faculties: their starting salary is based on a formula defined in the collective agreement. The College Employer Council (CEC) and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) have entered into a two-year interim collective agreement for part-time assistance employees. For more information, see this site,, and If you need information about our website or information that our department disseminates in an alternative format, please contact: HR Services at or 416-675-6622, 4393. After certification, the union gives written notice to the College Employer Council, which represents Ontario`s 24 colleges, to negotiate the first collective agreement. A collective agreement is a contract that defines the working conditions of all employees. The university and USW Local 4120 ratified their renewal collective agreement on September 14, 2020. Please register to access USW Local 4120 Memorandum of Agreement. The OPSEU determines the amount of a possible deduction from union dues and the date depends on a number of factors, including the implementation of a collective agreement. We will inform staff once we have been informed of these details by OPSEU. Yes, collective agreements include, without exception, an obligation for the employer to deduct union dues from employees` paycheques and to pay dues to the union. All information regarding our policies and procedures is available at

Copies of the FT Academic and FT Support collective agreements can be requested from your local union leader, manager or hr representative. The part-time support collective agreement is only available online. The native receives once a year seniority lists from the human resources department, in accordance with our collective agreement. These lists are shared each year at the end of January with the local and . OPSEU will provide the College Employer Council, which represents Ontario`s 24 colleges, with written communication for the negotiation of the first contract/agreement. The parties are being negotiated within sixty days of receipt of the written notification. Electronic copies of academic and support collective agreements are available on the Humber College website ( * Some regular part-time workers may hold fewer than twelve (12) monthly positions. .