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Four Agreements For A Better Life

Monday, September 20th, 2021

Based on Don Miguel Ruiz`s international bestseller The Four Agreements, the course guides you on a journey of awareness and discovery of the underlying wisdom of the Four Accords and why they have the power to quickly transform your life into a new experience of freedom, true happiness and love. Once you`ve learned of a new agreement, you don`t need to focus your attention on it anymore. It will be automatic and your answer is always the same. All the ancient chords that govern your life are the result of repetition over and over again, and the repeated action of using the Four Chords will break many of the chords that make life difficult and unpleasant. Of course, it takes a lot of time and courage, so let`s create something that will remind you to draw your attention to this process and practice it over and over again until you master it. If you realize that you are living your life in shame or guilt right now, look a step before you feel guilty, and you will see that you have judged yourself. What is the action? The act is self-condemnation; the plot is a refusal of self. The reaction is that you are guilty and believe in your guilt. Your faith is there, and your faith says, “I must be punished.” That your will has been done; They will be punished.

“When I took this course, I was reminded of why I suffer unnecessarily and how practicing the Four Accords can help me avoid all this suffering. The messages in each lesson were very effective, and the exercises gave me the opportunity to reflect on what they had learned and apply the concepts to my life. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience more peace in their lives. The online course “The Four Chords for a Better Life” will deepen your understanding and practice of the four chords and lead you to the life you really want to live. Watch cinema-quality videos, learn at your own pace, and use the power of these deceptively simple chords. It`s time for a better life. If there`s something in your life that you don`t like, you should first be aware that it`s the result of a decision you`ve made. Then, if you take a step back and focus your attention on what happened just before that result, you`ll find out what you did, what caused the result you don`t want. Once you have discovered the action you have taken, the next step is to forgive yourself for the reaction and change the choice, change the action and see what the reaction is. Once again, if you don`t like the result, change it again and again until you have the desired result.

Action is first of all to be aware that if you are unhappy, it is on an action that you have taken. Secondly, to take advantage of your attention, to identify the action you have taken. Thirdly, to draw your attention to the Four Agreements and apply them to each act. With this process, any act of your life can be moved as follows: consciousness, attention, action reaction….

First Community Pharmacy Agreement

Monday, September 20th, 2021

Thus, in 2015, the Joint Committee on Public Accounts and Statutory Audit re-examined the above-mentioned ANAO report on the fifth Community Convention on Pharmacies. The agreement is between the Pharmaceutical Guild of Australia (PGA) and the Commonwealth Government on the basis of a key clause in the National Health Act 1953. This means that any agreement on how the Commonwealth remunerates property on the PBS must be entered into with the PGA or any other pharmacist organisation representing the majority of “licensed pharmacists”. Negotiations on the Seventh Community Agreement on Pharmacies (7CPA) started in 2019. The government originally intended to conclude the negotiations by the end of 2019, but these will continue until 2020. In addition to the guild, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (which represents all pharmacists, not just pharmacy owners) will be a co-signatory to the 7CPA. The Ministry of Health has also consulted a number of other consumer, pharmaceutical and medical interest groups on political and financial considerations for the 7CPA, although these stakeholders are not signatories to the agreement. Compensation for the distribution of subsidized pbs drugs, programs and drug management services for community pharmacies is expected to be $18.3 billion over the five years of the agreement. Check out our fact sheets on compensation, programs and wholesalers. The 7CPA aims to improve patient choice and health skills in access to medicines by community pharmacies. Since 1990, the remuneration received by pharmacists for dispensing pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS) medicines and the rules for the establishment of pharmacies have been governed by a series of agreements between the Australian Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild). Over time, these agreements have grown to include professional pharmacy programs and services.

In Australia, you can only own a pharmacy if you are a qualified pharmacist. Representatives of the licensed pharmacies in “Section 90” are therefore pharmacist owners and the Pharmaceutical Guild is their professional organization. After legislating to create the PBS framework, Parliament plays no direct role in the development or approval of the agreement, pharmacy agreements between the Minister of Health and the Guild will come into force through a definition of pbRT. However, Parliament may be asked to consider legislation which gives effect to certain matters in Community pharmacy agreements. For example, in 2015, Parliament passed the National Health Amendment (Pharmaceutical Benefits) Bill 2015, which went into effect on 6CPA issues, including the optional one-dollar discount on patient supplements and the continuation of the pharmacy site rules. . . .