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Walk In Agreement

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Will two of them leave together, unless they have agreed? (Amos 3:3 JPS Tanakh 1917) Can two people walk together without [3259 yaad] to agree on the direction? Is a lion already roaring through the brush without finding a victim? Does a young lion growl in its cave without catching its prey? Is a bird ever caught in a trap that has no bait? Is a trap closing if there is nothing to catch? If the Widderhorn blows a warning, shouldn`t people be alerted? Will a catastrophe come to a city if the Lord has not planned it? (Amos 3:3-6) The New American Standard Bible reads Amos 3:3: “Do two men go together, unless they have made an appointment?” The agreement is to meet and leave together. The agreement or appointment precedes the common march, because the “cause” precedes the effect. You can make an agreement to meet and go together to discuss the differences. In conclusion, I invite you to have communion with Jesus Christ in the first place. It should not be a religious act to spend a “decommissioning” only during the day. Although this is a good thing, community and relationship means a constant walk throughout the day. You can do this by reading God`s Word, meditating on His Word during the day, in communion with the Holy Spirit throughout the day, and by making God a part of every aspect of your life. Go in a way that approves of God`s Word and be a luminous light of Christ for the world. This verse has created a lot of confusion. Who walks together? What did they agree on? Where are they going? Let us look humbly and prayerfully at the full context to understand this verse. Let us also take note here that if we do not walk in accordance with God (i.e.

in his own way according to His Word and Spirit), we actually walk in disagreement (or confirming, against God). In Leviticus 26, we find that God gave the nation of Israel a clear description of what it meant to walk in accordance with Him [including blessings for it] – and what it meant to convert to disagree with Him [including oaths for him]. Note the following verses. First, we will look at two of the commandments that they should follow. Letter xxxvi (Circa A. D. 1131) to the same Hildebert who had not yet recognized the Innocent Lord as pope. The same Hildebert who had not yet recognized the Innocent Lord as pope. He urged him to recognize Incentenz, now in exile in France, as a legitimate pope because of the split of Peter Leonis.

Vancouver Parks Board Collective Agreement

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

VANCOUVER, September 19, 2019 /CNW/ – This week, the City of Vancouver and Local 1004 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), representing city outside workers and employees of the Vancouver Parks Board, opened collective bargaining in the first of a series of such negotiations to take place in the fall on the south coast of the BC. The union identified accessibility as a central theme in the negotiations. CUPE 1004 represents more than 1,500 employees from the City of Vancouver and the Park Board. Almost all collective agreements between municipal workers and their respective employers on the south coast expire over the next two years, affecting more than 20,000 workers in the pemberton communities of Hope. “Our members love working for the city and serving the public, and they care a lot about the different communities that make up the City of Vancouver,” said Andrew Ledger, President of CUPE 1004. “Unfortunately, for many of our members, life has become less and less affordable in the communities they serve.” The Canadian Union of Public Employees is Canada`s largest union with more than 680,000 members across Canada and more than 97,000 in British Columbia. “Whether it`s workers who travel long distances to work in a community they can`t live in, or employers who are losing skilled and highly skilled workers in more affordable communities, the current dynamic is not sustainable,” Ledger said. “We already know that the annual rent increases allowed for 2020 will be 2.6%, which will further increase the pressure on an already prohibitive rental market in Vancouver.” To access our stewards information centre, you can call the office at any time and leave your contact information to notify a steward of the shop to call you back. The Union worries its members can no longer afford to live in the municipalities they serve statistically Canada inflation figures for Vancouver in 2016, 2017, 2018, show average increases of 2.4 per cent per year. BC Stats reports that inflation in Vancouver remained above 2 per cent in August of this year and that inflation in Vancouver has been above the Canadian average every month since at least June 2017, the earliest date the report refers to. The union refers to these figures as representatives of the current crisis of affordability of its members. For more information: Andrew Ledger, CUPE 1004 Chair: 604-418-9550; Steven Beasley, CUPE National Communications Representative: 778-903-7394 John Geppert (Staff Representative), Starla Bayley (Chief Shop Steward), Kyle Larson, Ian McLellan SEIUCARE, OCHU-CUPE and Unifor Change Supports to……