Nwt Collective Agreement Teachers

Negotiations on the separate collective agreements YK1 and Yellowknife Catholic Schools will take place in the fall, Oliver said. Both agreements expire on August 31. Miller said the group was pleased to have secured the one-year collective agreement with the government in the midst of a pandemic, as videoconferencing negotiations have taken place. The new agreement also added a language that recognizes the commitment of both sides to prioritize and respect indigenous peoples and culture, and what they have done for the territory. Finally, the agreement adds a language “to ensure that teachers who have been relocated to the NWT are at least one year of service or that they provide the duration of the contract, depending on the case, less.” Miller added that many teachers are already tired “June” and a big concern is currently a vacation break and whether teachers will be able to leave the territory to visit family or friends. The agreement will cover approximately 450 members working for the South Slave, Dehcho, Beaufort Delta and Sahtu Divisional Education Boards, as well as for the Divisional Francophone School Board and the T-Ch-Community Services Agency. The first round of negotiations for the new agreement is expected to take place from Tuesday to Friday. “This agreement has strengthened support for educators at a time when workload and expectations continue to rise,” said Matthew Miller, President of the Teachers` Association. The new agreement came into force on August 1 and will continue until July 31, 2021. The current collective agreement also launched the initiative to strengthen the practice of teacher teaching (Stip), which redirected 100 hours of teaching time to teachers` personal planning time. The agreement lasts only one year because of the pandemic, Matthew Miller, president of the Northwest Teachers` Association, said in an email to CBC. It will be renegotiated at the end of this school year.

In the meantime, the agreement calls for a commitment by both sides to “a common intention to prioritize and respect indigenous and indigenous culture throughout the NWT.” The Northwest Territories government`s current agreement with the NWTTA expires on July 31, 2020, but remains in effect until a new agreement is reached. The NWT Teachers` Association (NWTTA) and the territory government began negotiations on Tuesday for a new collective agreement. Monday`s announcement formalizes a tentative agreement reached in June of this year. The new agreement will apply until July 31, 2021, the two sides said in a joint press release. All persons eligible for teacher certification in the Northwest Territories must complete this Northwest Territories government application for certification and salary evaluation of NWT teachers in order to obtain your certification, as well as your salary evaluation for payroll network placement purposes. NWT certification is a prerequisite for employment for teachers in the Yellowknife Education District No. 1. “The collective agreement between the [territorial government] and the NWTTA could not have been reached if we had not focused together on providing stability and security to our N.V.T.

educators and students in these difficult times.” Other strengths of the agreement are the changes to northern life assistance, which includes a $450 increase in the base used by rate predators, the statement said.