Bmo Everyday Banking Agreement

We can charge a fee for electronic banking and electronic transactions. More information and current fees can be found in the pricing plans “Bank Plan Features and Charges,” “How to Do Free And Discount Banking,” “Pay-per Use-Geb-hren,” “Additional Services and Fees” and “Bank Accounts and Plans Are No Longer Offered” in the benefit of daily banking agreements, plans and fees. These fees are part of the Electronic Banking and Services Agreement. We can change fees from time to time. The latest rate information can be found at all Canadian branches and online at Information about these accounts and services is only available to existing account holders. Please visit your next BMO Bank of Montreal subsidiary to see how our current product line can offer a better solution to your banking needs. “Electronic Banking,” the following options: how we allow you to access an account with your secret card or ID, including:i) the Telephone Banking Services of the Bank of Montreal and all other telephone banking services that we can provide, including oral instructions or using an interactive voice response system (for example. B press number keys on a touch phone) ;() BMO Digital Banking (iii) BMO Notifications; (iv) BMO-AtMs; or other ATMs that we approve for use, including devices loading registered value cards;(v) point-of-sale or debit card terminals in locations that allow you to use your card for direct payment transactions from, at or from an account; (vi) all account aggregation and information or consolidation services that we provide; (vii) all other electronic channels that we allow you to use with your secret card or ID code. This electronic banking agreement (the “contract”) covers your use of all Bank of Montreal electronic banking services, as described below. We support the Canadian code of conduct for consumer debit card services and are committed to maintaining or exceeding the level of consumer protection it has established. You can view the code on or on the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website under “electronic transaction”: (i) account transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers or payments (including invoice and direct payments and point-of-sale transactions), cheque payment instructions and other account transactions that we can authorize through electronic banking;ii) requests for investment, mortgages, credits and other types of credit; and (iii) other transactions, services or information that we can provide.