Cadence Software License Agreement

Cadence does not want you to pass on confidential or proprietary information on this site. All information or materials you provide are considered non-confidential. By sending information or material to Cadence, you give Cadence a complete and irrevocable license for the use, reproduction, display, realization, modification, transfer or dissemination of such materials or information. You also agree that Cadence is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques you send to Cadence. All information disclosed in discussion forums, forums, forums and focus groups becomes public information. We will collect the information you want to disclose. All messages in discussion forums, forums, message cards, contests or similar information that you transmit, as well as any computer codes, bug fixes or other creative ideas provided by you, are considered The property of Cadence and will remain. Cadence will use this information without restriction, as they see fit all over the world. 2.2 This license also regulates all application updates provided by the licensee, which replace, repair and/or complete the first application, unless a separate license is provided for such an update, in which case the terms of this new license apply. “With Cadence, IT works with a leading company with EDA solutions, business know-how and a commitment to convergence, which is so important to smart system design,” said Keh-Shew Lu, senior vice president of IT`s Mixed-Signal-Logic Products (MSLP) division. “This agreement underscores our belief that Cadence provides one of the most comprehensive and efficient AED solution packages available today.” This licensing agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Washington, to the exclusion of its conflict of laws rules.

16.1 If one of the conditions of this Agreement is or should be inoperative, the validity of the other provisions is not affected. Non-valid terms are replaced by those that are formulated in such a way as to achieve the main objective. Cadence (hereafter the app) is software designed to record racing and cycling activities and adapted for Apple mobile devices. It is used to record running and cycling activities. 3.2 No replacement for professional advice. Forms, agreements and documents available on the website or on the website may not be suitable in the circumstances of a particular transaction. Please respect local laws and regulations, as the requirements vary from state to state. You will assume all the responsibilities and duties related to decisions or advice that are made based on the use or selection of information, programs or documents received by the site. 6.2 The licensee assumes no liability or liability for damages caused by a breach of duty pursuant to Section 2 of this Agreement. In order to avoid data loss, you are required to use the app`s backup functions to the extent that third-party terms of use permit. You are aware that if you change or manipulate the app, you don`t have access to a licensed application. You acknowledge that the licensee can access and customize your downloaded application content and personal data, and that the licensee`s use of these materials and information is subject to your legal agreements with the licensee and the licensee`s privacy policy: