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The ICD allocates a limited amount of grants to initiatives of companies that innovate in certain areas of practice: biodiversity, sustainable energy and corporate responsibility. Such grants are generally awarded at much lower amounts than CDI investments and the funding is intended to help recipients demonstrate the economic viability of new approaches to sustainability. What is ICD? What is the difference between icD and the Islamic Development Bank? 8. The Board of Trustees8.1 The Institute consists of a foundation board formed as follows:a) The President of the Islamic Development Bank, who is automatically Chairman of the Board of Directors.b) Two members of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Development Bank.c) Three members from the officials of the relevant institutions in the member countries, preferably one in the fields of research , training and information.d) Three experts in research excellence – training and information.e) Two donor members.f) The Director General of the Institute (member and secretary of the Board of Directors). I represent a private investor. Can we invest in ICD? To obtain CDI funding, the project must benefit a developing country that is a member of the ICD. 9. Institute fundingThe Institute`s activities are funded by revenues from the following sources:a) The Institute`s annual budget approved by the Board of Directors; b) rents for the use of the Institute`s conference room; (c) fees and subscriptions paid in exchange for services offered by the institute;d) revenues from the sale of the institute`s publications; e) Unconditional grants and donations that the President may accept on the recommendation of the President grants and conditional donations that the Board of Directors may accept. There is no standard application form for CDI funding.

A company wishing to start a new business or expand an existing business can go directly to ICD. The best way to do this is to read via ICD funding, and by submitting an investment proposal directly or via the application form on the site.