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Welcome to new visitors and old friends. Here you will find information about my custom costume creations. I offer costumes at fixed prices, as well as taking custom commissions.

Please check the News page for the most recent posts!

As I finish, I will post images of my creations for all to see. Feel free to look around, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about a costume.

Special Note – DUE TO CHANGES IN MY SCHEDULE, NO NEW COMMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER JULY 31st, 2011. NO COMMISSIONS WILL BE MADE PAST AUGUST 20TH, 2011. New work may be posted in pictures but no commission work will be accepted past the July 31st date.

Availability/Timeframe – Please inquire as to the availability of an item. For some items, such as the Big Darn Hero brown coat, I may have certain sizes already in stock, depending upon my convention schedule. If so, I could ship one to you very quickly. However, if an item is not in stock, I will need time to complete the item and time for shipping to reach you. This timeframe can vary depending upon my existing commission workload. It is best to contact me about a possible commission as early as possible, to avoid scheduling conflicts. Please have a specific date in mind when you inquire about a costume. “Later this year” or “sometime in the future” does not help in scheduling, especially when you really mean “in three weeks (shipping included)”. Please tell me if you want a costume for a specific events (e.g. holiday, convention). If you are interested in an item I list on the site, it is best to contact me at least one month before you expect delivery.  If I do not have the fabric on hand and it is a special order, it will take longer. If the item is a unique/original commission, I will need more time to research and experiment with patterns and fabric. Rush orders, if possible, will incur an additional cost.

Deposit/Payment – Due to several unfortunate incidents, all future orders will require a non-refundable deposit at the time of the order agreement. The amount of the deposit will vary depending upon the complexity/uniqueness of the item. (Standard items listed on the site will require a smaller deposit than custom items being made for the first time.) A nonrefundable deposit means that if you change your mind and no longer want the item after work has started, you do not get the deposit back. However, if for some reason I am unable to complete the project according to our agreement, I will return your deposit.

jaylabeta@gmail.com – email me for an order.

Jayla Beta’s LiveJournal – My live journal includes updates on new and/or improved costumes as well as notices of upcoming auctions.. For your information price of any item on ebay start at $0.99 plus shipping.

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